Fitbit and Why You Should Own One!

Grab a Fitbit and have accountability!

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Fitbit yet, you should and here is why! Are you wanting to take the path to fitness but not sure where to begin? Well a Fitbit can help you there! 66473-160910_1473524178703It’s an accountability partner wherever you go!

This little tool helps you track exactly what you are eating, how much water you are drinking, how much exercise you are getting and if you need to move more to loose weight!

There is an app that you download to your phone or you can log into from your computer. It comes with instructions for that. In the app you start by logging your stats and set goals for what you want to achieve with the help of the Fitbit. Once you get that all set up, start recording your water intake. You will be surprised at how little you may actually be drinking! Record all of your food and get an insight into how your diet is! This part can be a huge eye opener! Seeing what you are putting into your mouth and how much will help you make the shift to healthier options.

Another great tool is the sleep tracker! Sleep is so important to leading a healthy life! Are you a sound sleeper? Do you toss and turn a lot? Do you not get enough sleep? Maybe you get to much!

Lastly tracking your steps and exercise is what helped me to get motivated! When I got mine a year ago, I picked up the Flex because I didn’t need the heart rate monitor and I wanted one that was water proof. The first day I put it on, I was all about breaking my 10,000 step goal everyday! Not easy to do with a desk job! Then I found that you can be part of challenges where you compete with others to see who will take the most steps in a week or just the weekend. You build a community of accountability partners who are all striving to reach those step goals and get on track with their health and wellness.

My Fitbit has to be one of my best exercise purchases ever!


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