The Feeling Of Accomplishment

There is me jumping for joy at the top of a very long, steep and killer hill where I didn’t have to stop running because I was out of breath or my legs hurt!

You see this hill killed me 4 months ago! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t run all the way up it! I would take alternate running routes to avoid hills like this because I could never defeat it!

5 months ago my niece messaged me on Facebook asking if I wanted to do a 5K with her. I was hesitant but committed. I started training in November. Mind you, I was not a runner at that point. I had to work up to 3 miles! Now looking back 3 miles is a breeze!

In 6 weeks my youngest daughter and I completed our first 5K together with my niece. After that running was difficult. We were in the midst of winter. Temps dropped below zero. To cold to run!

So running got put on the back burner until the first part of February 2018 when we had a week of warm weather! We were able to get twice in February and of course the legs were killing and yup there was no making it up the hills around us!

The middle of February I started drinking a therapeutic Ketone supplement from Pruvit. I had know the benefits of ketosis but getting into that state without help was difficult for me! I am a dairy free vegetarian so limiting my healthy carbs (fruits and veggies) was not in the cards so help was needed.

So thankful that Ketones entered my life! Now it’s been about 6 weeks since my last run and guess what?! This hill that I am at the top of was a breeze! You heard me right! I ran up that hill like no tomorrow and the thought of stopping never crossed my mind! It is the Ketones! My legs were not screaming at me. My breath was even and steady. No longer huffing and puffing! Accomplishment! I am still feeling the high!

Right along with me was my youngest who has Asthma and she too defeated the hills! During our run she said to me, “One thing that I’ve noticed since drinking the Ketones is my endurance has gotten better!” I agree! She never once in this run had to stop because she was out of breath! My Asthmatic child could defeat these hills and her asthma!

When we got home, I made her go live with me on Facebook. Look at her happiness because together we accomplished a huge goal! Live Facebook Video

The Ketones have greatly improved my endurance and muscle strength during exercise! I am in love! If you want more information on supplementing with pure therapeutic ketones please let me know! You can also go to my Pruvit site. There under the community tab you will find some Inspire videos, testimonials and then there is a Learn tab where one of our doctors explains Ketones and Ketosis along with the many benefits!

Now go out and conquer a huge accomplishment! Much love, peace and prosperity to you! ❤️

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