What Is Keto Reboot?

27658019_1610993049016124_5764399832761791195_nKeto Reboot is a 60 hour supported cleansing fast! I know I just used  the word fast and that probably made you cringe with the thought of it being impossible to go 60 hours without food right!

Let me state again that Keto Reboot is a supported fast. What do I mean about that? You are supported with natural therapeutic ketones the  whole 60 hours! You will not feel like you are starving! The ketones help to suppress your appetite while your body depletes it’s stored glycogen and fat and turn it into energy. This is what we call Ketosis. This “fat fuel” is more desired by your body and brain over glucose fuel!

The Keto Reboot promotes metabolic hormone optimization, fat burning, and ketone utilization. This simply means we are rebooting our bodies back to its natural state by taking control of unwanted cravings, preserving lean muscle mass, and maximizing our energy.

Who needs the Keto Reboot? 

*Need a boost in mental clarity and focus?

*Are you  looking to drop a few pounds and get back on track?

*Are you always hungry and craving unhealthy foods?

*Do you often have a poor quality of sleep?

*Do you suffer from the after lunch energy crash?

*Are you bloated and inflamed?

*Are you looking to up your game on physical performance?

*Are you looking to optimize your health and repair damaged cells?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Keto reboot is for you!


Take a look at this short video about what is in the Keto Reboot Kit:

What is the point of fasting aka Rebooting?

There are so many healthy benefits  of fasting!

  1. Improves body composition and fitness
  2. Promotes greater Satiety: Meaning it balances the hormone leptin which is a hunger hormone that gets out of control with over eating or having to much fat on your body.
  3. Boosts your metabolism
  4. Supports Fat loss and Ketosis
  5. Encourages better insulin sensitivity
  6. Improves cardiovascular health: Improves blood volume, cardiac pump and blood pressure, increases vascular repair,
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Decreases blood sugar
  9. Slows down aging and increases longevity
  10. Decreases inflammation
  11. Increases resistance to oxidative stress: healthier gene signaling
  12. Improves cell recycling
  13. Protects your brain
  14. Enhances recovery from injury
  15. Supports healthier collagen in your skin


Here is what comes in the Keto Reboot kit: 28377500_1634915703290525_2615178691898116309_n

How do you get your hands on the Reboot Kit?

Once a month as a community we reboot together! This allows for a huge amount of support and accountability! Our next reboot starts April 15th! The kits go on sale       April 1st! They sell out fast so if you want in, you need to jump on the horn and get it ordered tomorrow at Keto Reboot  If you take a peak today, it will show you that it is sold out only because it will be released April 1st.

Take this journey with me! You will not regret it!

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